Internships in Paramaribo!

Internships in Suriname are available in the capital Paramaribo. General information about life in Paramaribo and fun attractions can be found here.

Internship in Paramaribo

  • Paramaribo is the heart of Suriname! It is the capital of Suriname and the place where almost all people of Surinam live or go to. There is plenty to do. Whether it regards salsa dancing at "Het Vat", waterskiing to "Waterkant", relaxing in the beautiful "Palmentuin", enjoying spicy Javanese food at Blauwgrond, or swinging your hips in the many clubs ... Paramaribo has it!

    Because there are so many cultures present in Paramaribo the cuisine is very diverse. In addition, you could also describe Paramaribo as one great open-air museum. The city is packed with authentic houses that offer a unique scenery and which are part of the world heritage list. Most attractions including the Fort Zeelandia and the presidential palace are in the center of the city. Because almost everyting is within walking distance, Paramaribo is an ideal city to explore on foot. Or bicycle as most foreign interns do. Doing an internship in Paramaribo is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to expand your boundaries and add an extra dimension to your study or graduation.

  • Short facts about Paramaribo
    • Paramaribo is the capital of Surinam
    • Location: Located on the west bank of the Suriname River
    • The average year-round temperature is 27 ° C
    • Population: 244.946
    • You can get around perfectly on foot, because of the short distances
    • Interns also do a lot on the bike
    • Currency: Surinamese Dollar (SRD). You can also use the ATM
    • Language: Dutch and Sranan Tongo

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