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Internships in Singapore are available in the capital which is also called Singapore or Down Town Core. General information about life in Singapore and fun attractions can be found here.

Internship in Singapore

  • Singapore is a mix between East and West, New and Old. The skyline looks very western. Because Singapore is a small country / island and there are approximately 6 million people living there they stuffed the place with skyscrapers. On the other hand the population is mainly eastern oriental. 80% of the population is Chinese, another part is Indian and furthermore there is a mix of several cultures from the surrounding region and Westerners who emigrated to Singapore pursuing a better life. Each sub group lives according to their own culture and what bounds them together is the fact that everyone speaks English and the fact that life is good in the prosperous Singapore.

    Because there are so many cultures present in Singapore the cuisine is very diverse. Singapore is also a candy store for those who love to shop. Orchest Road is the main shopping area and all major brands are present in the surrounding shopping paradise. The international character of the country can be seen in the night life that is diverse with many sub cultures. You can choose to mingle with other expats and interns or connect with people from other cultures, like Chinese or Indian folks. Doing an internship in Singapore is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to expand your boundaries and add an extra dimension to your study or graduation.

  • Short facts about Singapore
    • Singapore is an island group in Asia
    • Population: 5180000
    • It is very densely populated. Skyscrapers are all around you as far as you can see
    • The population is mixed. The good thing is that Chinese, Indians and Europeans live together peacefully
    • Groups may stick to their own custom traditions as long as they come together to be productive as a force of one
    • Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world
    • The cuisine is like the population ... very diverse and exotic
    • Because of its strategic location and open economy Singapore is a hub for people, freight and financial flows to and trough Asia
    • Do visit the annual duck race :-)
    • Language: English and "Singlish". A kind of hybrid Chinese English.

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