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Internships in Chile or available in Santiago. General information about life in Chile Santiago and the best attractions in the cities are listed here.

Internships in Santiago de Chile

  • Santiago, the capital of Chile is a place where old and new come together. Besides skyscrapers you will find historic buildings and villages, where you can experience the old and authentic Chile. There is a booming club scene, there are many bars, discos, shops, etc. Yes, there is lots to do!

    If you expect to see Indians riding on horses on the pampas all day, forget it. Santiago has been transformed into a very modern city with impressive high-risers. Besides the many shopping malls in Santiago, you’ll find many European and American multinationals and a growing financial district.

    Choosing an internship in Santiago is not only an excellent way to learn or improve your Spanish, it will also add an extra dimension to your studies or graduation.

  • Short facts about Chile
    • Santiago is de hoofdstad en grootste stad van Chili
    • Location: North of Chile
    • Summer is from November to March with temperatures up to 35 ° C
    • Population: 5000000
    • Many multinational companies have chosen Santiago as the seat of their regional headquarters
    • Santiago has a good metro network
    • The roads and public transportation are excellent
    • Travel time by plane: approximately 15.5 hours
    • Currency: Chilean Peso. You can use the ATM
    • Language: Spanish

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