Internships in Sidney!

In Australia we can help you find an internship in Sidney, internship in Melbourne, internship in Brisbane, and we can also organize an internship in Perth or Cairns for you. It is impossible to address all these cities in great detail, so we wil shortly touch on the largest city of Australia, Sidney.

Internships in Sidney

  • Sydney is one of the most enticing cities in the world! You will find famous fashion boutiques, authentic handicraft shops... all scattered throughout the city. For shopaholics, this city is paradise! And the nightlife is on fire with trendy clubs, discos and pubs everywhere for grabs.

    A must see is the Sydney Opera House, but definitely also bring a visit to Chinatown and get lost in China. Or maybe you like the beach and to surf scene? Than Sydney is the perfect spot for you!

    Engaging in an internship in Sidney will add an extra dimension to your study. It is an excellent way to explore Australia and a great way to enjoy nature while building valuable work experience.

  • Short facts about feitjes over Sidney
    • Sidney is the largest city of Australia
    • Location: South East of Australia
    • Population: 4.3 million
    • Australians are laid back even business wise. Dresscode is business casual
    • Colleagues often invite each other social activities. Barbecuing is usually a big part of the program
    • Travel time by plane: about 9 hours with stops
    • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
    • Language: English

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